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Moon Palikir & Star Koat Surf Report – June 2017

Huey’s Gift

June was epic, truly, epic. No word can be used to describe it better. What we experienced the past 30 days was nothing short of spectacular! The first really big swell hit the Mentawais at the start of the month, providing large and perfect waves on several surf breaks as you will see from our photos.

With a complete purple forecast on the Coastalwatch forecasts, and both boats Moon Palikir and Star Koat departing on the very same day, we decided to bet our hands and go all in on two of our favorites; The Hole and No-Kandui. Guess what… we scored!

What you’ll see down in the video is a short glimpse of the big day, and believe me, there were no shortage of barrels. Kandui was 8-10ft, hollow, fast, and simply perfect. As you could imagine, people were freaking out, screaming, dancing and singing in the channel, raising their arms to the sky, celebrating a miracle which Huey gives us from time to time.


Even the guys who couldn’t bring themselves to paddle out were stoked just to be able to watch what was unfolding in front of their eyes! When the swell did start to gradually die down, our guests headed out and surfed ‘baby Kandui’. Now, for those who think the Baby version of No-Kandui is a mellow wave are completely wrong! Baby Kandui is a small replica of the main break, but is probably less challenging and fast making it far more inviting for the intermediate surfers.

With a decreasing swell, the expertise of your surf guide comes into play. Without hesitation our most experienced guide Bruno Veiga made the call to anchor Moon Palikir in front of a special secret spot where our guests scored 10ft barrels to ride just by themselves with their 7foot guns. Good call Bruno!

The days before and after the big swell were more suitable to normal humans. Waves were still around 6ft and we scored perfect Hideaways, a fast left hand cylinder and many other known and un-known surf spots of the islands in very good conditions. Spots like Telescopes and Lances left where working as they should, solid 6ft double ups at Lances Right, barrels and more barrels on offer, a perfect way to seal this amazing month of June!

Now what’s left for us is to sit and wait for the next trip, the swell map is once again looking promising, and the peak season seems to have kicked in strong with a sequence of solid swells on the rise.

We have 2 groups of frothing Aussies on their way right now with a decent outlook of swell on the way.


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