Moon Palikir & Star Koat – July 2017 Surf Report

What do Lances Right, Macaronis, Greenbush & Hideaways all have in common?


They all absolutely fire at this time of year…

After 30 days of epicness throughout June, July began with variable winds from the North West.

This meant Greenbush, Rags Right and Red Nuts were the perfect option for our enthusiastic guests on board Star Koat & Moon Palikir.

July can often be a tricky time to navigate the constantly changing winds and conditions. This is where an experienced and knowledgeable surf guide comes into play. Your guide can often be the difference between that killer session with no one else out or an absolute flop. Luckily for us, our guides all know the conditions perfectly, have been surfing themselves, throughout the Mentawai and Indonesia for a combined 27 years.

The forecast for the second half of July was favorable for Telescopes, Kandui and E-bay with a series of solid swell on track and light Southeast winds, resulting in overhead surf and excellent conditions with lots of makeable barrels. Check them out below!

In one single trip, the Moon Palikir guests scored 5 world class waves: Lances Right, Telescopes, Macaronis, Ebay and Hideaways. World Surfaris clients were able to take advantage of surf in great conditions several feet overhead, making for some insane barrels all caught by photographer Bernard Obeid and Paulo Mendes. Happy guests and another group keen to come back next year!

The forecast for early August is motivating, showing another building swell on the way to the Ments. Check out the Coastalwatch 16 day forecast and get yourselves over here!

Mentawai Surf Report – July 2017 


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