Luke Sullivan Moon Palikir 2013 (21)

Moon Palikir – Clean & Glassy October

As usual, October was a month of clean conditions and light winds. No solid swell came in but we had plenty medium sized waves to have a great time and lots of fun.

The Moon Palikir had on board the aussie Farking and Obfive crew. The boat headed to Telos and Hinakos chasing new waves and empty lineups. Our guests surfed more then 12 waves in 11 days, switching between rights and lefts in glassy mid sized waves, ending each day with bbq and icy Bintangs by unforgetable sunsets, getting all of our guests really stocked and keen to return to the boat next October.

Right now we are ending the season with a trip full of kids and parents and the coach Robie Sherwell on board. Keep connected to the next report of November in Mentawai!



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