Luke Sullivan Moon Palikir 2013 (2)

Moon Palikir – August 2017 Surf Report

August Video report provided by Paulo Mendes – Mentawai Surf Charters:

Moon Palikir departed Padang with one good swell forecast. This ended up producing a trifecta of swells, which made our clients stoked to surf epic and clean conditions from day one to the completion of their trip 12 days later.

Good winds with predominant light trades meant the left handers worked nicely with offshore winds and almost no one around, unlike what is expected for the month of August.

We surfed The Hole, Hideways, Greenbush and Macaronis in really good conditions and scored a lucky day at Lances Right, fulfilling the dreams of some guests along the way!

In the second half of August we departed once again with stoked World Surfaris guests. Lances Right was solid and only a few guys in the lineup, which allowed our guests to have an amazing session with just our boat on it.

We later sailed South where we spent most of our trip without seeing another boat. Rags Right, The Hole and some secret spots were torn to shreds and we ended the last day of waves with perfect 4-5ft greenbush, a great way to end the trip!

Moon Palikir – August surf report 2017

We now move into the shoulder season after an impressive peak season. The long range forecast looks promising with two strong SSW groundswells right in the first few weeks of the month.

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