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Mid-Season Pohnpei Surf Report

The pattern has been on, and you know that when all the guests do is surf (no tours), everyone is happy and surfed out.  Since around early January most days have had good waves, some with all-time conditions.


It is fun to see how even the hungriest surfers go from frothing on the first days of the trip to totally surfed out and waiting for the best time to surf in the day. Suddenly the lineup goes empty even under what would be called all time anywhere else. Welcome to Pohnpei.


A series of back to back lows off Japan hit the Western Pacific almost like clockwork every 4 to 5 days delivering anything from 3 to 8 ft perfection at Palikir. Winds have been favorable with a lot of East, ESE or light ENE.


Comes around this time of the year, late February and most leave, the bookings slow down as we enter what could be prime late season into spring. Some of the biggest and best swells ever seen in Pohnpei (The Shane Dorian Swell) did hit during past March month with solid pulses into April. Last season did not have an epic late season. Who knows, it might be about to come.

Surf Report thanks to Allois Malfitani
Manager – Pohnpei Surf Club

Photographer – Taylor Casey 

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