Mentawai Surf Report – March 2017


Every March The Star Koat Surf Charter runs a surf coaching and development trip for up and coming rippers called the ‘Future Legends’. Expert surf coach Robbie Sherwell and rippers like Kian Martin and Zane Assink take to the Ments on board one of the best boats in search of barrels, adventures and good times.

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From the Southern waves of Thunders and Macaronis up to the Northern waves of HT’s and the Playgrounds, the Mentawai archipelago is widely open to incoming swells of the Indian Ocean all year long, and it’s perfect reef breaks allows any pump to become the scenario of an epic surf session.

Even though March is considered Low season in the Ments, this year began with pumping waves that must have broken records along the way, with solid swells arriving constantly all over Indonesia since early February! 

Our future legends got to the islands one day after the swell’s highest peak, and we surfed Lances Left and Bintangs with North/Northwest winds with good size waves in about 4-5 feet range. We then moved on to surf two days at Macaronis, where we got 3 feet perfect peelers and small but fun barrels. On the last day of the trip we surfed Nipussi in great conditions, glassy and barrelling, zero to almost no crowds around coming from the resorts or other boats meant we surfed for hours on end exchanging waves back and fourth and frothing on each others energy.

The kids from our annual grommet surf trip which were onboard Star Koat shredded big time! Under supervision of the Australian coach Robbie Sherwell, the young chargers made their dream trip happen and went back home with awesome shots and videos. 

If there are any young rippers out there or mums and dads that want to take their kids on a surf trip. The future legends trip is perfect for you. To find out more head to World Surfaris

Don’t forget to check out our selected photos and video! 

World Surfaris – Mentawai report-March2017 from World Surfaris & World Snowfaris on Vimeo.

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