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Mentawai Surf Report – April 2017

“Compared to the last two years, this April was above the records in the number of swells and quality of waves we got in the Mentawais. 

Although the north wind was predominant during the month, it didn’t influence badly and the consistency of swell, high periods and direction permitted us to score big time. 

We had Greenbush breaking 4 foot in perfect conditions not just one time, but three. HT’s was the pick of the biggest swell and pumped 6 foot glassy barrels and even between swells it kept working just fine. We scored Thunders one epic day with no other boat in the channel. Even The Hole, in the farthest south, we surfed all morning just by ourselves perfect left handers and not a single drop out of place. Not to mention many other spots that we love surfing around the archipelago… 

April is usually the month that marks the beginning of the season, with medium sized swells with period variations from 12 to 20 seconds, and the crowd is still a few boats around and camps have low occupancy rates, so its easy to say that April is a month totally worth to book your trip to the Ments!

Check out our video and imagery below and prepare to have your mind blown as we look back at an epic April”

Imagery and video provided by Bernard Obeid & Bruno Veiga:

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WorldSurfaris, Mentawai Surf Report – April 2017 from World Surfaris & World Snowfaris on Vimeo.

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