Mentawai Surf Charters – May 2017 Report

May Days

May was a generous month to us in the Mentawai archipelago. With both Star Koat & Moon Palikir boats operating in full power. We operated 4 charters in May and made dozens of travelling surfers absolutely stoked!

A good amount of S-SW swell, combined with light and variable winds made it possible for us to surf an extensive list of different waves, spreading the crowds and pleasing all kind of surfers and their different levels of skills. Right or left, barrels or turns, small or large… or even larger, we’ve had it all! 

Fun waves at Macaronis, big Bankvaults (8-10ft), Rifles and The Hole showing their teeth for a short glimpse, Roxies being the perfect wave for performance surfing, left hand barrels at E-bay, pumping Thunders, were all days not to be forgotten, the highlight though, goes to Greenbush, where we had uncountable sessions of mid to large size surf. Apart from that, we also saw the magic happen when an unexpected afternoon wind change turned the Hollow Trees machine on, bringing some 6-8ft mind blowing double ups, which made the glory of the few pro surfers in the lineup, and the fascination and shock of those who couldn’t handle it.

All in all we say goodbye to May, as we move into the first trip of June, and what we spot on the forecast map is a huge purple swell, fair enough, may June bring us nothing less than what we love most, perfect surf!


Mentawai Surf Charters – May 2017 Report from World Surfaris & World Snowfaris on Vimeo.


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