Mentawai Surf Charters – June 2019 Surf Report

It was a hard job selecting the top photos from trips in June. We managed to narrow it down to 30!

We began the month sailing from Telos heading north to end the trip in the Banyaks, after passing by Nias and Hinako. There wasn’t a single day where we didn’t score great quality waves.

From fun to hollow powerful waves until long barreling rights of Treasure island – Banyaks, the 3 trips we did aboard Star Koat2 were score after score.

Moon Palikir also did score in the Mentawai. Waves like Greenbush for 3 days , the Hole, in the good solid South swell we had and all the world class spots were on!

We had swells coming from S/SW and light winds most of the month, with one occasion of bad weather and rain that lasted 4 days but didn’t interfere with the wave quality we got.

Locking up the end of June with a huge smile on our faces and feeling like mission accomplished. Bring on July!!


North Sumatra – World Surfaris (Telos, Hinako and Banyaks) from World Surfaris & World Snowfaris on Vimeo.

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