A MEGA Swell to remember – Moon Palikir

A Full moon eclipse and an historic sequence of swells with size and power never registered before in Indo. It has been an epic month for all surfers and even the old sea dogs had never seen something with that magnitude.

Waves that we usually surf around 3 feet where pumping overhead barrels in the Ments. We saw Aframes like never before, 12 foot plus and surfable! Rifles was unreachable with the huge sets closing the channel.

The sequence of at least 5 serious swells marked July 2018 as the month of the biggest waves registered all over Indo.

With short intervals between each swell was enough just to rest our shoulders, and than it was time to go back to the water and face our favorite waves like Telescopes, The Hole, Greenbush and others breaking bigger than we had ever seen.

Another big swell is approaching for the first days of August. Wax up your gun and get ready for more!


Footage & Imagery by Paulo Mendes 


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