Matanivusi… World’s first Eco Surf Resort (STOKE accredited)

Congratulations to Matanivusi Resort, Fiji, a true Eco Surf Resort now certified by STOKE!! 

“Matanivusi has been specifically built for discerning travellers who want surf, seclusion, service, sustainability and satisfaction. Nestled between the white sandy beach and a meandering creek with a lush rainforest, the resort from its inception in 2000 was developed to protect its amazing location, support local communities and allow guests to explore and learn about Fijian culture and environments. Matanivusi is an ideal getaway with many nature-based activities as well as some of the best surf in Fiji—just across the lagoon from the resort. With the resort’s commitment to sustainability, we’ll be riding these breaks for generations to come.”   STOKE (a non-profit organisation set up to ensure surf resorts are practicing environmentally friendly holidays and protecting the reefs of the world)


“Sustainability has been a key priority at Matanivusi from the very start, and has been incorporated into all  facets of the resort, from design through to daily operations. We continually strive to refine and increase our level of understanding of sustainability and periodically evaluate the resort’s sustainability credentials in order to implement improvements where possible. The following are the next stages in the evolution of Matanivusi’s operations for a sustainable future:

*  We are developing mangrove reforestation and coral planting programs in the local area to rehabilitate damaged areas within the local ecosystem.

*  We are switching to solar power and solar thermal water in 2015 to power the entire resort and a few neighbouring homes in the village.

*  We are exploring the feasibility of assisting in the installation of a suitable waste water/sewerage system in Vunaniu (similar to the resort’s Biolytix wastewater treatment systems).

*  Plans are being made to provide a periodic health clinic at the resort for staff, their families and local villagers.

*  We will soon complete the transition of all our two stroke outboard motors to four stroke engines, which are far more energy efficient (and produce less CO2 emissions) than two stroke engines.

Thank you for prioritising sustainability in your surf travel choices”   Brian & Donna McDonald – Matanivusi Owners




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