March Report – Lohis

In collaboration with Ryan Thoyyib, Manager of Surf Operations at Hudhuranfushi Resort.


After being closed for almost a year, Hudhuranfushi is finally open!

We were given a very warm welcome during the first two weeks of the surf season… the sets were well overhead with nice, clean faces. “Ahh, just what the doctor ordered!”, said one of our guests as he kicked back at the viewing deck, morning coffee in hand. We truly live for these refreshing moments with our guests, there’s nothing better than witnessing their initial reactions to what we consider our every-day “norm”!


Come mid-March, a strong easterly wind came to visit, which makes for a perfect session out at Honkeys, a protected and mellow left hander about a 20-minute boat trip away. So, we packed our boards, some take-away lunch, and a few beers for the ride home as we would watch the sun set over the palm fringed atolls. This day ended up being a real highlight, and the guests who joined us were totally stoked. We are so fortunate to have the Maldives’ most consistent left hander right in front of our resort, but what’s a surf trip without going on a boat to an empty reef break!?


The rest of the month produced 2-3ft glassy waves up until the very last week, where an ingoing current meant a LOT of paddling. On the flip side, every wave seemed so much more rewarding, so was dinner!  


Our good luck ran out a little when a storm hit the Maldives right at the end of the month. There was a lot of wind and small surf for about three days. Storms like this are super unusual during this time of the year in Maldives, the weather patterns around the world are definitely changing. In the end, our guests still managed to enjoy some ridable waves in between the stormy fronts, so we really can’t complain!


April’s forecast is looking clear and consistent, with about two weeks of solid 3-5ft waves and light northerly westerly winds – perfect for ‘Lohis’ left out the front, and just what the doctor ordered!

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