Maldives Moments by Jesse Little

Jesse Little has been a regular feature in World Surfaris reports over the past couple of seasons in the Maldives. This season Jesse took a well earned trip alongside fan favourite surf guide, Dave Beasley during August.  

August is consistently a great month for waves in the Maldives. Usually is gets a bit bigger and quite often a bit too big for the average surfer on their annual surf trip to the Maldives. This usually spreads out the crowds and creates a real buzz from the channel with many of the charter boats and dhonis anchored with the best seat in the house to watch the more advanced guys and girls take on mother natures power. A real spectacle for surfers and non-surfers alike.

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to go over again this season in August to shoot and get the odd surf here and there. What I captured was the standout swell of the season, relentless pulses out of the Indian Ocean in the 4ft – 8ft range for 27 days straight! We had the most amazing sessions at Chickens, Cokes, Sultans and one epic session in South Male at Tucky Joes. The video below speaks for itself, ENJOY!



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