Looking back at June in the Mentawais with Moon Palikir

Unless you were living under a rock, its safe to say you were eluded to the madness of June from all over the Indian Ocean. Moon Palikir and its guests were given a real treat in June as the swell of the season arrived for 48 hours of a cash dash at No-Kandui.

Our guests were frothing for this swell. Bruno made the call to hit the high seas early from a small but fun Telescopes to No-kandui for what mother nature promised to produce the perfect mixture of swell, tide and winds in recent years…not just June. Fortunately this swell wasnt huge and was actually surfable for most of the people on our boat at the time. The bomb sets were around the 8-10ft mark that a few crazy hellman were taking on. For the rest of us, 4-8ft ‘baby Kandui’ was very surfable and makeable. We surfed No-Kandui all day with some of our guests getting rewarded with some of the best waves of their lives, and some with the wipeout of their lives too. Those who didnt want to surf were happy watching it all go down from the channel including Paulo, who captured it all in this 2min edit. ENJOY!



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