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A look back at July in G-Land with David Scard

World Surfaris travel veteran and all round charger, David Scard has been going to G-Land every year for as long as he can remember. Joyos surf camp is like a second home for Scardy and this year he again took his family to the famed surf region for a few weeks R&R.

During Scardys visit the swell didnt look great on the forecasts. G-Land is usually a bit of swell magnet due to how open it is to Indian Ocean swells between March and October but quite often the swell direction can be the difference between good G-Land and really good G-Land. June had experienced a less than flattering run of waves for Grajagan standards. But when Scardy arrived with the family it was like someone flicked a switch, the waves turned on! Huey must have been rewarding the Scardvark for his years of service getting surfers from all over the world into the waves of their lives. 

Scardy and his Joyos surf camp buddies traded wave after wave for about 8 days before the swell dropped off for a gentle breather. All waves were captured on camera by Will Souw and Harry Pieters, thanks fellas! 


When it comes to G-Land, no one knows the place better than Scardy and the World Surfaris team. We are capable of answering your questions and helping you plan the perfect surf trip to the region. Board choices, where to sit in the lineup, when to go and other things you can do during your trip are just a few things we can help with. 


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