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Life at Lohis Surf Report #1 – March 2017

March 2017 Hudhuranfushi Report by Richard Kotch:

March in the Maldives is a time of light winds and clear skies. It is a time of relaxed line-ups and an average crowd of five, of surfing every day and loosing count of the number of waves you ride, sharing the crystal clear water with pods of inquisitive dolphins. Sure, the waves aren’t big, but geez they are fun… perfect little runners peeling down the point over a forgiving reef in front of the Lohis deck with your friends watching on! What’s not to love!

It’s good to be back at Hudhuranfushi Resort! Here’s a selection of photos by Ali and I from the last two weeks.

Hope to see you soon!

PS. April has started with more great waves and a promising looking forecast!

If you would like to book your trip to Hudhuranfushi Resort this season. World Surfaris have an exclusive, limited time special running throughout April. Please contact us for more info:

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