Lets talk about P-PASS

Some amazing surfers have graced the islands of Micronesia in search of perfect barrels at the infamous P-PASS over the years!

It seems only right to point out that World Surfaris very own David Scard is a big reason many of the worlds best surfers have scored this epic spot more than once.

Scardy and his good mate Allois from Pohnpei Surf Club were the early pioneers of the Caroline Islands and after riding perfect waves by themselves for a few years they decided to invite a few of their friends…

Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, the Wright family, Asher Pacey, Laura Enever, Steph Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Gary Elkerton, Wade Goodall, Mick Fanning and pretty much any surfer who wanted to get on the cover of TRACKS magazine tried their hand at riding the best right-hander on the planet. 


As a result of the pro’s making P-PASS their playground for so many years, the hype had its side affects. Every day surfers feel a bit underdone, under-gunned and inadequate to take on the fury of P-PASS. Understandable once you key in P-PASS to youtube only to see 8-10ft monsters being picked apart by the pro surfers mentioned. 

But Scardy and Allois, 2 of the most clued in regulars of P-PASS will be the first to tell you that P-PASS is only ever big and gnarly 3 to 4 times a year when there is a big Pacific Ocean low or storm over the mountains of Japan. The rest of the season (Oct – Apr) P-PASS is fun and playful in the 3 – 6ft range. Its very rare that you will surf 8ft waves for any longer than 2 days. The swells in this region come and go like wind. 

So if you are thinking about a surf trip to somewhere you havent been before. Consider P-PASS, you wont be let down. 




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