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Date: 09.01.17Swell: 2-4 ftWave Frequency: 13 secs.
  The abnormally tropical weather for this time of year that had been hindering the Telos area has cleared and it has returned to some stunning days here on the equator, light winds from the north and a slowly building swell resulted in an epic day of surfing today! Check out the pics of a perfect afternoon of waves like those you sketched as a kid!  – RLZ Surf Guide Team
Date: 06.01.17Swell: 2-4ftWave Frequency: 7 sec.

  Mother Indian Ocean has whipped herself into a frenzy over the past 2 days along the whole west coast of Sumatra. Horrendous seas and winds are making seafaring tricky and surfing near impossible.

Luckily our high powered 10m speedboats are more than up to the task of tackling the fickle weather in safety and comfort to sniff out what little protected actual swell action is available.
The quite unseasonably bad weather in Mentawai and Telo is the product of 2 tropical Lows that have formed at either ends of Sumatra spiralling in opposite directions on either side of the equator and assisting each other to whip up the strong west winds and storm slop.
Another day of gritting it out and we should start to see some actual quality swell lines wrapping into the protected breaks again as a southern ocean cell starts to send some medium sized swell north again for the start of the week.  – RLZ Surf Guide Team
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