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Late Season LOHIS is Longboard Heaven

Our resident office Longboarder, Ethan, travelled to Hudhranfushi Resort in the Maldives last year to indulge in some toe-hanging goodness. Read Ethan’s report below about the logging on offer at lohis.


Many of us who manage to squeeze some time off for a surf trip around October or November struggle with the tricky time of year in regard to the surf season. It’s early season for PNG and late season for Indonesia. The solution to this predicament… The Maldives! Get the luxury you expect from the Maldives with the waves you have always dreamt of dancing your plank down.

This time of year in the Maldives you can expect light, offshore winds and fun peeling waves. I was not disappointed! I was greeted on arrival at Hudhuranfushi Resort with awesome, clean conditions and the waves were consistent for my entire week-long stay. There is a limit of 45 surfers at the resort at any one time. There was a full resort of 45 surfers during my stay and the majority of my surfs were shared with less than 10 people. I even had the line-up to myself on a couple of occasions!

The resort has a range of quality longboards and SUPs that are available for hire directly through the resort. Surf program directors Richard and Amy Kotch are excellent hosts. They manage the entire surf system at the resort along with their team of professional local Maldivian surf guides. All of the guides are experienced surfers and have an adept knowledge of the local conditions. Richard is a professional photographer and takes photos from the deck and the water. Introduce yourself to them at the surf office (overlooking the surf break) on your arrival and they will help you get familiarized with the surf.

My stay at Hudhuranfushi Resort was a longboarding trip to remember. The entire trip from arrival to departure went smoothly. I can confidently say that I will be returning in the very near future and I’ll be bringing the log!

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