Late Season Goodness for Telo Island Lodge

“The super consistent year of waves in the Telos continues this week with a 2-4 ft swell making its way onto our various reefs that surround the islands dotted throughout this surfing paradise. Plenty of Bintangs and smiles have added to the good vibes being thrown around the lodge amongst our stoked guests!

Schoolyards, Max’s Left and The Bubble were on the hitlist early on in the trips with super fun, uncrowded surf delivering the goods. A NW wind has been around so we’ve been heading to the protected corners to find the clean conditions with success as we do in the Telos. As always, our guests have enjoyed the lack of surfers and number of waves coming through resulting in that surfed out feeling everyone loves. With another swell on the way, we are happy to say that the awesome run of waves will continue for our lucky guests through to the end of the year”.  
Alex Pundy

Backhand whip.

Lining up the end section.

Anticipating the barrel.

Whack off the top.

Taking to the skies.

Swooping off the bottom.

Laying into the rail.

Working with the wall.

8 – Surfers Maximum, 2 – Western Guides, 2 – Speed Boats,
20 – Uncrowded Waves, 1 – Unmatched Surfing Experience

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