Lakey Peak Haven Surf Report – August 2019

LAKEY PEAK HAVEN had a busy month with all rooms filled with amazing people from all over the world including; South African, French, Australian, Balinese, locals and also Japanese.

All enjoying what is on offer in Sumbawa, countryside of brown sun-drenched flora and white sand beaches with aquatic blue ocean and golden sunset.

Not a morning passes without a glassy window of waves. Followed by tasteful treats at our restaurant and cold beer from our freezers.

Waves were in the 3 to 7 foot range everyday. Trade winds kicked in around 12 noon. So it was morning sessions that were the best.

All breaks were working. Cobblestones, Nunggas, Lakey Pipe and Peak and Periscopes. Where amazing sessions were had by all guests.

WATER TEMPERATURE is currently 26 Degrees, winds are super light and the crowds have been thin. What more could you want for a trip to Lakey Peak. 

START organizing your mates now and book our whole place out for just yourselves….. make it a yearly event… lock your trip in now for 2020.

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