Lakey Peak Haven Surf Report – April 2019

We had a great month of waves during April.. Waves were by far the best so far this season and so was the company we had. Great vibe in the water sharing waves and the stoke. We had loads of waves in the chest to double over head range. Perfect conditions with light south winds and occasional changing complete to help Periscopes work to its potential.

If this is any sign of things to come this year.. We are in for an absolute cracker!

This month brought back our repeat clients and also we made a whole new lot of friends who we look to see again.

End of April brought FELIPE TOLEDO to Lakey Peak due to the quality of the waves and the consistency. Felipe absolutely ripped the Peak and Periscope’s apart and to my surprise was always up for a chat in and out of the line up. A very friendly and humble guy! 

Our last group from the Sunshine Coast, Australia … 10 perfect days and went home surfed out and full of goodness. We asked them the question:

Michael: Geoff, Greg, Pete, John, Steve, Corey, Sean….. PUT YOUR HANDS UP if you had a great trip?… see the pics below for results.

LAKEY PEAK HAVEN is a place that offers singles, couples & groups who want to have the whole place to themselves…so why not get your mates together now and book it in.


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