Lakey Peak Haven – September 2019

Thanks to Tim Butcher and his 60th Birthday crew. We all had a great time in and out of the water.

They came from all over Australia, with one thing in mind… to meet up with good friends for some long overdue banter and some shared waves… some shared more waves then they should have! In the name of good will, it all came off pretty good.

Cooky, visited us 2 years ago to Lakey Peak Haven when he was looking for a Surfari, and experienced what was on offer. Only a few of the group had ever visited this part of Indonesia before, so there were a lot expectations.

The WAVES! They got to surf ALL the waves they wanted, and they all got their fair share of good ones.

The surf was a consistent 3 to 7 foot for the whole stay, and early starts saw the water temperature a bit chilly at 26 Degrees.


Lakey Peak Haven was perfect for there group as they had exclusivity for themselves. It was a perfect setting with a perfect outcome.

5 Stars for the waves

5 Stars for Lakey Peak Haven


A few words from the Birthday Boy: Tim Butcher

“After my share of surf trips around Indo and abroad this trip was the best – good friends, waves and hosts.”


So if you want to come to Indo and a bit undecided about winds and rain over the next 5 months, Lakey Peak Haven is the place to be!

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