Lakey Peak Haven – March 2019

Just another typical day at Lakey Peak Haven!


Waking up to just the sounds of Nature… birds chirping, waves breaking and offerings sending a delicious scent around Lakey Peak.

Opening the door of your room you will be presented with another amazing day of waves… Taking a look out over the whole of Lakey Peak you start to contemplate which of the 5 surfbreaks you will start your day surfing. You can count the surfers in the water at each of the breaks and make your call. We even have binoculars on hand to make it easier for the older crew, me included!

Some sustenance first at Shacks Restaurant… Maybe some porridge or muesli or some eggs and fruit. Sunscreen on, Rashie on, wax on… choose your weapon of choice and away you go!


Guzzle some water and head to the lobby for a lift down to the beach where our boat will be waiting. Jump in and pick your poison! Do you go to:


Lakey Pipe – On the mid-tide and medium swell can be extremely fun.

Lakey Peak Left or Right always fun with walls and barrels, its also a real swell magnet.

Nunggas for some rail work on your backhand for the naturals and forehand for the goofs!

Periscopes to get some Right Handers on the high tide. An extremely fun rippable wave that’s just stinks of fun.


Local Photographers will be happy to make sure you are getting some proof of your style and ability… like it or not.. you are on show. After your session head back to Lakey Peak Haven as lunch is served. Shacks Schnitzels, or some pasta, Nasi Goreng, chicken wraps, food for sustenance and plenty of energy for the arvo session.

Now that you’re refueled. Splash in the pool and hey there seems to be a couple of bigger sets coming through and wind has shifted out of the North.. looks like Periscopes is firing and only a handful of surfers on it.

Sunscreen on, Rashie on, Wax on… You’re out there again!

Ok… arms are done and need to hydrate some water OR better still a fresh coconut! Time to chill out in the pool and stretch it out, watch the sun go down in the distance with a cold Bintang or 8 before dinner at Shacks Restaurant.


“Hey fellas”

“Photo’s of todays sessions are up for show… crank some tunes and let the banter begin!


Whats the swell doing tomorrow? …

Ahhh its all too hard.. Life at Lakey Peak Haven is tough, but someone has to do it. Who wants to join?


We are looking for volunteers to help out with these daily decisions and 3rd world problems that need to be solved. Here are some photos of what went down during March.

Join the crew.

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