Lakey Peak Haven – June Surf Report


Its pouring waves…with no lack of swell, June brought the goods as some good ground swell presented itself.

The Tradewinds are already in this year as well, making for some strange sessions.. Absolute glass for an hour can change to be a mini cyclone and then back to glass. This is actually exciting as it is spreading the crowds out.. LOADS of waves and hardly any surfers..

Periscopes and Cobblestones have both had great waves and correct swell direction is helping out. Lakey Peak, as usual has been surfable from morning till night, crowds differ depending on what shift you want to be on. Morning has been low – high tides which often means thicker barrels and the high – tow tide has been less busy perhaps due to the winds creating a bit of fluff on the open face…its still way better than home though! Nunggas — not saying too much apart from it being epic!


LOCAL HOSPITALITY: School Holidays is fun fun fun. Sharing waves with the local gromets…who have a grin from ear to ear sharing their local breaks with the rest of the world. Remember to pay your respects, don’t snake or drop in and in return you will get plenty of waves!


ON ROUTE EXPERIENCES: On one surfers dawn patrol wander to periscopes he witnessed a buffalo giving birth and he told us about it as sets rolled through and cleaned us all up… too much banter… Nature is amazing!


At Lakey Peak haven we now have a chill out movie area “VEGEYS” set up under our SURF SHACK BUILDING, next to our exercise mats and also another TV in our Restaurant to watch the SURF VIDEOS or NRL and AFL every weekend…


Thanks to Tristen, Kye, Simon, Karen, Graeme, Jackson, Mitch, Gareth, Keegen, Michael, Nacho, Made, Keisha, Kaynen, Sienna, Mus, you guys made this month, thanks for your smiles and support.


We are looking forward in AUGUST to hosting the Winners of the Australian Boardriders Battle – CULBURRA BEACH BOARDRIDERS CLUB. Stay tuned for that report in a few months time!


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