Lakey Peak Haven – July 2019 Surf Report

July….what a great treat. Old friends, new friends and sometimes no friends. 

A range of surfing ability levels frequent the Lakey Peak shores. Some amazing to watch and some just plain annoying. July is usually one of those months! In between the crowd dodging or slalom surfing you get moments of sheer delight and its what get sme out of bed in the morning. I had a visit from an old mate from Cronulla who I grew up with. He showed me how to make the most of a surf trip. Wake up early and paddle out no matter the conditions, cop a few on the head in between the gems, return to camp for a feed before getting your trekking shoes on to explore the nearby villages and mountains and how to finish the day off with a cold beer and a good chat. Throw in some vocal cord exercise with the local Lakey Peak bands and you walk away feeling accomplished, and thats only day 1! 


On the surfing front, a number of days were spent at Periscopes lucking into super fun rights as usual. We had some nice lefts at Nunggas and Lakey Peak/Pipe was its usual self with hollow tubes and plenty of people entering and exiting them with relative ease. 


Of all the waves, Cobblestones was the least crowd affected during July. There are always uncrowded waves in close proximity. We are the only land camp in Lakey Peak with our own boat capable of taking you to waves, most don’t know exist. 


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We have plenty of space available in September/October. A great period to surf around Lakey Peak. So talk to World Surfaris and book in your trip now! 

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