Lakey Peak Haven – biggest swell in 24 years!

What an amazing month of waves here at Lakey Peak this July. 

The back half of July had it all and it was great to welcome World Surfaris ambassador David Scard and his family staying for a few weeks. 

Words from Scardy “We get some good fun ones but unfortunately we checked in and out about a week too soon with the big swell hitting towards the end of July. That being said I still got some great waves at Nunggas and managed to have a soft playful paddle with my two boys at Periscopes. I was stoked to see them having a ball and progressing nicely with their surfing just by catching more waves and finding confidence to push themselves to the next level. 

Michael and the Lakey Peak Haven team run a really good operation. Its a little bit out of the main esplanade which is both quiet and safe especially with your young family in tow. The private infinity pool is a great spot to watch the sunset, have a beer and share really special times with the other guests and of course your family. 

Although the waves weren’t the greatest during my stay there is still so much going on around Lakeys like waterfalls, hikes, village tours and so on. I highly recommend Lakey Peak Haven for families”. 


Scardy is welcome back anytime! 

Also at Lakey Peak this month I witnessed the biggest swell I have probably ever witness in my 24 years living in Indonesia. It blew me away! 

Those lucky enough and ballsy enough to get a taste of that swell should consider themselves very lucky to have surfed the biggest Indo waves in over 2 decades. Nungas was the best I’ve ever seen it on the afternoon before the big swell hit. It was a lowish tide but as it pushed it, the sets just got bigger and bigger. 

Lakey Pipe and Peak had some solid 15-20 foot bomb sets washing through which made for an amazing spectical on the cliff at the Haven. 

We checked out some other waves during the 2 day mega swell and our guests got to surf in manageable conditions on waves that otherwise wouldnt break unless the swells was over 12ft. I guess you could call this a silver surfers we always pray for waves but sometimes when its scary big it opens up other options for us to explore and thats what keeps surfers all around the world frothing for more. 


In August we welcome the Culburra boardriders team who won the 2018 Australian Boardriders Final. They will be accompanied by Gary Elkerton and Owen Milne who will be shooting the week. Cant wait to see what footage we get, stay tuned for that! 


Cheers, Michael Hill – WS Bali Director

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