Kingfisher Resort had a season to remember

Ben Pike & Jaco Steyn have both been surfing in the Mentawai Islands for as long as they can remember. This season they had one of the best periods of waves ever!

It all started in early March, like someone had literally turned the tap on. We had a crazy couple of days just around the corner at HT’s. Benny got shot out of this crazy wave which we are still calling ‘the wave of the season’. Watch the below video all the way to the end to see for yourself.

By the half way point of the season over here (June) we were expecting a decent swell that would light up our frontyard (Lances Left). Due to the consistency and light winds, crowds spread out during June so we were hoping many of the charters in the area would go to the likes of Macaronis, Rags left & Thunders leaving our guests and a handful of crew with their finger on the pulse to score super fun and consistent Lances Left. Here is a short clip of what happened! 

Consistent swells carried on throughout July to October (video below) and we are only now seeing a slight dip in consistency. If there’s one thing that sets us apart from the other surf camps and boats in the area its having immediate access to the most consistent wave in the islands. Sure the playgrounds area is known for its variety and sheer number of waves but when Rifles, Bank Vaults or the other swell magnets over there are 1-2ft, Lances Left is consistently 3-4ft and sometimes bigger with higher tides or swell direction. 

Because of this we are experiencing a great number of bookings for 2018 so if you are wanting to lock in your surf trip with us for next year please contact the World Surfaris team. You will not get it any cheaper going direct with us, World Surfaris handle all our surf packages and make it really easy for us to concentrate on getting you the best waves of your life when you arrive. 

2017 Kingfisher Mentawai surf season recap


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