Kingfisher Mentawais Resort – 2016 season wrap by Ben Pike

The 2016 Wrap for the year at Kingfisher Mentawais Resort.

 It was a pretty consistent year for waves in our area with pretty much all of the 16 waves working good at sometime throughout the season.

We saw majority of the swells in the medium size range with a few solid swells pushing through as well this year.

The first half of the season we had plenty of clean conditions during these swells which saw the main breaks Lances Left and Lances Right generally the pick of the spots with a few bonus sessions on some of the more exposed reefs close to Kingfisher as well. With the 16 breaks including 3 beach breaks in our area we have a range of options suitable for all surfers who venture to our slice of paradise.

The 2nd half of the season we had a northerly wind pattern moving through the Mentawais the majority of the time. With all the northerlies, Bintangs is the go to area for the best waves and conditions with random days both at Lances Left and Lances Right.

 The northerly wind pattern which is still happening out here at the moment has been great for consistent conditions at Bintangs, Chongs, the three sets of beaches and a few hidden gems I’m not going to say much about over the internet. You will have to come here to surf them yourself!

We are used to light and variable winds on the equator, but the beauty of our area in and around Kingfisher Resort is we have all the wind conditions covered thankfully, so usually it isn’t a big deal to find waves everyday.

Highlights of the 2016 year was Jamie O’Brien dropping in again this year, some epic days at HTs during the big swells, Bintangs generally onfire the past 4-5 months and Lances Left as consistent as ever again this year. Some great days on the secret reefs in our area and generally the crowds have been at a minimal around here.

Thanks so much to World Surfaris for everything this year and into 2017!  For those who came to Kingfisher Mentawais this season, see you again next year and for those thinking about it, we look forward to welcoming you to our slice of paradise and showing you around the island.

Ben Pike – Kingfisher Mentawai Resort (owner)

The below photo’s have been provided by resident photographer Miguel Soures. Miguel is an outstanding talent and takes some amazing photos for you whilst you surf, fish and simply be yourself around the resort.  He charges appx US$100 per person which is extremely good value considering the quality and number of photos he gives you at the end of your trip. 

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