Kingfisher Mentawai Resort – March 2018 Surf Report

We are excited to be working with Kingfisher Mentawai Resort as their sole agent for another season. The relationship between World Surfaris and Kingfisher has been of huge benefit to those who have visited this slice of paradise and lucked into some of the best waves in Sumatra. Owner Ben Pike and Jaco Steyn will again be provided guests with a holistic surf package incorporating a lot of surfing with epic fishing, adventure tours around the island and a sense of relaxtion in their quaint escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day life we are used to back home. 

Jaco will be giving us regular surf reports for the season and we are looking forward to seeing what mother nature gives us this year at Kingfisher Resort. Starting with March, which looked magical! 


Early season weather has been great with sunny days, blue skies and most importantly, light variable winds. Thunderstorms have been rolling through in the evenings which is great for cooling you down while you sleep. 

The swell has been on the smaller side but we have still experienced the odd day with 4-6ft pulses that push through on the incoming tide. The light winds make it extremely rippable and guys who usually wouldn’t surf waves like this at home have been frothing on the conditions being thrown their way. Not too big but not too small!

Our best session happened in the middle of the month. We took our guests to a semi secret spot we like to surf when the waves are a bit smaller and this particular swell direction is happening. It’s usually a bit of a trek in the speed boat but once you arrive without another surfer in sight, your froth levels go through the roof. People think that the Mentawais is so well navigated these days that its hard to escape the crowds. Well, we can very quickly bust that myth and say that we usually surf uncrowded surf breaks 50-70% of the main season from March – November. 


If you want to be part of the Kingfisher club this season please contact World Surfaris for booking information and availability. 


1800 611 163

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