Kandui Resort 2016 season wrap

Kandui Resort is a top 5 surf resort in Indonesia and it is easy to see why with the constant feedback we receive on a regular basis from the clients we send year in year out. 

This year the Kandui crew called the season as one of the best in a decade after constant swells frequented the tiny island nation in Sumatra. 

Kandui Resort manager made sure to keep us well informed of recent swell activities with constant weekly photo galleries from Jan, right up until this week’s recent run of perfect waves! Below is a selection of the very best images and video we received throughout the season from Ray and the Kandui team. 

If you are looking to spoil yourself in 2017, Kandui Resort has an outrageous special running through our GET IN EARLY 2017 sale. So click the link for more info!

Check out the below video and imagery from Kandui this season and get in touch with us to book your 2017 surf adventure today!



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