KabuNohi Nias Weekly surf report 3 to 10 Jul 17 (8)

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 3 – 10 July

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay.

Monday 3rd July:

Offshore winds all days & small outside waves off the point

Guest having fun in the sun              

Tuesday 4th July:

Offshore overcast morning, very small waves breaking on the outside and running into Kiddies corner. The overcast day makes it cool but the humidity is high. Waves increase slightly making it interesting at least for the very few surfers in the area. Wind changes to variable, swinging around the bay to make the surf a variety of conditions from excellent to poor with the strong SE onshore squalling at times.  As usual the afternoon glass off sees some nice small tubes across the outside point.

The Selby clan are putting in the hours of surfing (Featured in most of the photos). 3 to four surfs a day watching the conditions and all ways drinking plenty of water and coconuts.

Wednesday 5th July

Overnight rain storm makes for the cool offshore crisp morning with waves remaining at the 3-4’ and perfect on the point.

Wind increase from the SE with skies remaining overcast that remains throughout the day. Afternoon no reprieve from the SE wind but dies off quickly as the sun sets, late afternoon rain storm with overcast skies and glass off for the dusk session.

The prevailing highs in the southern Indian ocean are blocking and reducing the ocean to a mill pond. Lows that are developing are receiving warm air and not intensifying, producing an exceptionally Long still period throughout from southern Africa (Cape of Good Hope) to the western Australian coast.  The developing lows are disintegrating with the lack of momentum being pushed down to coastal Antarctica               

Thursday 6th July:

Overcast but offshore morning with a few bigger sets in between a weak primary swell. Cloud cover throughout the day with some scattered showers tide drop with swell remaining around the 3-4 feet mark. Afternoon offshore and the occasional 5-foot set waves.

Friday 7th July:

Rain storms from the SSW throughout the night setting a cool precedent and taking the clean lines out of the surf. During the day, the waves clean-up and a few bigger set waves off the point.  Overcast rainy skies keep it cool into the afternoon.

Senior Surf Guide Alex is back from Mentawais           

Saturday 8th July:

Overnight rain sees a cool crisp sunny offshore morning with wave size dropped back a bit, as the morning high tide slows the pulse up to mostly fuller waves.

Low tide things remain the same. The big highs stationary in the Indian ocean are blocking the low-pressure systems and the swells that they produce.

Clear night skies with a big moon   

Sunday 9th July:

Crisp clear offshore morning and 3-foot waves peeling slow across the outside point. High tide makes the waves full and the lack of ground swell in the Indian ocean sets a slow waves Sunday

Full Moon             

Monday 10th July:

Bright sunny morning with strong sun shining and clear skies and lack of size in the waves.  What swell is around still provides perfect 3-foot slow waves on the outside Sorake Point.

Wind swings to East during the mid-day session back to the offshore for the afternoon, swell is lack lustre at the best 2-foot small waves across the point.  Nice day but small waves for the Selby’s last day and they are making the most of it. They are very surf fit and were firing in all conditions during their stay.  We are sure they will miss the warm of the tropics as they head back to Margret River, WA.

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay, Nias

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