KabuNohi Sorake Surf Report 03-10Apr (2)

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 3-10 April 2017

It’s been a week of fun out front of KabuNohi Sorake Resort at Kiddies Corner.  It’s like a skate park on water offering fun walls and ramps to go to town on.  Not many tourists in town this week so the locals have been tearing it apart, after school and work for the arvo session. 


Monday 3rd April: Weather in Nias has been relatively unstable with overcast skies and patchy rain. Waves today are small but still breaking out the back (outsides Kiddies Corner). Winds variable during the day everyone still having fun.

Tuesday 4th April: Similar to Monday afternoon, wind waves and general conditions small and offshore. A few breaking out the back and local kids and tourist having fun.  Weather is a mix of scattered rain and sun.

Wednesday 5th April: Overnight rain into the morning making it cool. Swell increased to 4 foot with some fun barrels on the outside with winds remaining offshore and cloud cover all day.  Plenty of waves and very few people around.  Laughs and good times for the few lucky surfers around.

Thursday 6th April:  A bright sunny morning at the bay with small inside waves following through to Rice Bowl section. Darkening clouds look like bringing more showers in from the mountains and variable to gusting winds.  Only a couple of surfers enjoying the solitude of a quiet day surfing perfect small waves down the Kiddies Corner. 

Friday 7th April: Calm conditions in Lagundri Bay after a night of rain.  Swell is small and on the low tide it’s just breaking with small lines running down the line from Kiddies Corner and hugging the reef down to the Rice Bowl section. This afternoon on the rising tide sees the #niasflyboys boosting into some after school action. 

Saturday 8th Apr: Smaller and smaller she goes, little action this morning and at low tide just 1 surfer out catching small lines hugging the reef.  The overnight rain and ocean wind has messed it up a bit for the morning session.  Our local guests from Jakarta are still happy to see people surfing waves for the first time.  Check the boosting action on Instagram at #niasflyboys

Sunday 9th Apr: Early morning waves for only few on the 2 foot inside peelers.  Most kids are at church meaning a pretty empty Kiddies Corner line up.  Afternoon tide rising brings consistent peeling waves from outside point and hugging Kiddies Corner section.   The Sunday spectators are in force enjoying the weekend activities. Skies are becoming overcast with sign of rain

Monday 10th Apr: Change in the weather with heavy overnight rain and a wind change to the SSW slops up the ocean swell but brings a slight swell increase. Very little people around for the early part of the season to enjoy the consistent waves on the inside of Kiddies Corner peeling down the reef.  This section of Lagundri Bay isn’t affected by the onshore stream known as a “Sumatran” which is dreaded by the charter boat operators.  Full moon and an expected increase in swell and period in the following days. 


Until next week.  Cheers Mark

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