KabuNohi Sorake Surf report 27Mar-03Apr (18) (Medium)

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 27 March 2017

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Nias Surf Report – By Mark Flint

March 27th to April 3rd


General Comment: Only a few European tourists staying at Lagundri Bay during this period.  Very quiet in Nias right now      

Monday 27th  March:    Swell is still around , wind offshore morning and becoming variable during the day, no crowds, plenty of waves and a steady 5 foot swell

Sorake point by yourself, says Glen our guest “what more could you want” , after a 1 hour solo session in 4 -5 foot perfect point waves                       

Tuesday 28th March:       Pumping all day again 5 to 6 feet classic Nias

Cloudy skies and some rain for a change.  Swell still hanging around but onshore comes up briefly and then offshore again

Arvo session with no drop in swell or frequency in set waves. A surfed out few days for the lucky few tourists here at Lagundri Bay at present.

It’s the last day on the point for our guest Glen.  He’s surfed out and relaxed after 3 surfs a day every day for the past 10 days.  We take a trip to the local lookout point for an overview of Indicators so he can at least say now that he saw more than just the eye of barrels.  Cold beers on the deck for the arvo session with Papa Shane and some Indonesian guests seeing surfing for the first time before a Kabunohi banana leaf fish bbq .  Good times in Nias!        

Wednesday 29th March: Slight drop in swell to 4-5 foot.

Sets still frequent with oil glass conditions.  At 9am only 3 guys surfing! Classic Nias.

Surf backs of during the day with Kiddies Corner and the Rice Bowl section, in front of Kabunohi starting to fire up on the arvo high tide.

Quiet time around the Kabunohi, our PKL kiddies using their time understanding the mechanism of the resort and functions, transferring water, gardening and kitchen, our Non Surfing Guests are enjoying the atmosphere and food and extend for another night     

Thursday 30th March:   Swell backing of too now steady 4 foot.

Perfect offshore conditions with very few people around and also with the hot dry weather. Most people are staying in the shade of the bungalows

Kiddie’s corner is starting to come on for the arvo sessions, with the local grommets ripping the Rice Bowl section directly in front of Kabunohi.  Present guest at Kabunohi (non Surfers) extend yet another night to enjoy hanging on the deck viewing the surfing action that the late afternoon brings. Very little tourist action around the Sorake Point region at present with just a few European surfers, a few older Aussies and all mostly learning or intermediate in surfing skills. The waiting game is on for the next moon phase and new swell pulse that is not too far away            



Friday 31st March:  Rain overnight slow the swells down to 2 -3 foot waves

Lagundri bay is going calm after a great run of Swell, the rain spruces all the plants. Kiddies Corner along with the Rice Bowl section are the waves of choice for the locals with a few tourists playing the waiting cam for the occasional set wave out on the point

March has been a dry month so the overnight rain makes for a nice cool change and brightens up the garden in Kabunohi. Overcast skies and grey clouds cover the mountains to the back of the bay; hopefully a sign of more rain to fill the water tanks and make the gardens grow

Our Indonesian guest check out after a great time. Go safe on your continuing travels                     

Saturday 1st April: Overcast skies with swell dropping to the inside Kiddies Corner section, and occasional wave breaking on the outside

Winds variable during the day, from oil glass to slight onshore, scattered showers of rain and clouds cover the hills to the back of Lagundri Bay

The Charter vessel Barrenjoey come in the Bay showing that not much wave action around at any of the islands through the chain, there guest are a family learning to surf and the Sorake waves are producing the stuff on the inside Kiddies corner with great little safe waves breaking consistently on the inside section.

Sunday 2nd April: Overnight rain with a little increase in the swell. 

Smaller waves on the outside with the Sunday kids on the Kiddie’s Corner section which is peeling through. Overcast skies and light wind makes for a cruisy Sunday. Afternoon low tide sees the waves breaking down the line from outside Keyhole hugging the reef of Kiddies Corner to the Rice Bowl section. A friendly end to the week end!

No Guests at present in the Resort, so staff enjoy some free time in the afternoon on the deck and swimming off the reef.

Late arvo the local groms start to fly up on the inside rice bowl section which is a little right left peak out the front of the resort. Groms on the bank are yelling out “fahombu ndrulu” in the local Nias dialect which simple translates to “wave jumpers” as the groms start practicing airs and tricks on the rebounding peak waves.  Another great day for us older crew watching from the deck, ales in hand and contemplating where some of these young kids will be in the next coming years                          

Monday 3rd April: Beautiful conditions but lack of swell. 

The low tide early morning pushes most of the swells wide.  Only a few waves are now trying to hug the kiddies corner reef for any sort of ride with an occasional set wave breaking out the back to entice the early morning crew; who are in the water, I think not for the waves, but for the beauty of the water and tropical view of coconut fringed Lagundri Bay. During the day not much change.  Surf on the Kiddies Corner is offshore all day.

Waiting for the new pulse as the moon phases changes                 


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