KabuNohi Sorake Surf Report 22-29 May (4)

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 23 – 30 May

Monday 22 May:

Gusty winds blowing offshore out of the bay clean the swell lines up. Sets to 5 feet are hitting every 20 min or so on the point. The predominate west swell is sending waves wide making for a big stretch in the tube but if taking off down the line is making for great off the tops turns and snaps into the end bowl section.

Weather unsettled and afternoon bringing stronger wind from the west. Skies remain overcast into the afternoon and evening. Averaging around 8 guys surfing during the day most of intermediate capability.

Locals Justin Bu’ululo and Rahel Wau really showing how it’s down with massive gouges off the top and snaps in the end bowl section cloud cover makes it cool for surfing.

The machine left hander but no one surfing it!

Early evening skies clear to a starry night sky       

Tuesday 23 May:

Crisp sunny morning 3-4-foot offshore wave 6 people surfing mostly learners very quiet around the surfing areas.

Day remains the same gusting offshore wind 3-4 foot waves and the sun shining 6 to 8 people surfing good clean fun point waves into the afternoon                                

Wednesday 24 May:

Similar conditions to Tuesday morning but swell has dropped a little another hot wave day in Sorake with little people around conditions are excellent but waves are small and not challenging so great for the learners, Wind strength increasing from the NNW during the day. Swell dropping off less frequent out on the point but the kiddie’s corner coming into its own.

Thursday 25 May:

Beautiful morning sunrise offshore winds with small wave reeling down the inside point with the high tide, no change throughout the day into the low small waves on the outside with kiddies corner providing great fun on the afternoon rising tide. Again this week shows a lack of experienced surfers around.

Friday 26 May:

Overcast morning and into the day big tide surge with the point waves starting to show signs of waves getting bigger. Big morning tide pushing coral rocks and sand around the point and increase in size as tide moves into low with some nice open barrels on sets to 5 feet, wind swing into the east (church wind). Mid-day low tide wind has come in to the South East, bumping the wave faces up and waves remaining in the 4-5 feet size. Afternoon rain and lightning storm cooling things down, the wind starts to come back around to the WNW offshore, wave size remains at 4-5 foot                   

New Moon ☽, Water temp 20 degrees, Tide 6:25 1.2 meter, Low 12:50

Swell increase predicted with signs of current and push interestingly water temperature change to 20 dgrs from normal 22 dgrs

Saturday 27 May:

Beautiful offshore morning, Strong current with big new moon tide surge. Waves remaining to 5 foot sets but breaking wide on the high tide. Hot day on the point as the tide drops pulling more waves over onto the wedge part of the reef, swell running west into the bay making for some big stretches to make the section if your too far in on the peak

Sunday 28 May:

Fine crisp offshore morning & the king tides with the new moon pushing sand and coral around the point. Waves are slower this morning as the small pulse of the last days shows signs of fading. Low tide will be the best call for the point.

Day warms up with waves remain constant at 4- with the occasional 5 foot set swell angle is making some waves break wide. A pleasant but very hot Sunday in on the point in Nias

Our 3 guest Lina from Germany and Tisha from Jakarta are down to Lagundri river mouth for their first surf lessons with Lucinda our KabuNohi Surf Guide. River mouth is small and sand bottom so perfect for getting so paddle training exercise in.       

Monday 29 May:

Another fine morning and the waves have not changed much and still 4 foot of the outside point with crisp offshore out of Lagundri Bay                                        

Until next week, Mark Flint, signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort. 

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