KabuNohi Surf Report 15-22May17 (7)

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 16-23 May 2017

By Mark Flint from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay

Monday 15th May

Swell is dying down with small waves on the outside and the kiddies corner waves starting to run down the inside reef.  The Point which is consistently breaking with the wind offshore all day. Late arvo some strong gusts blowing through from the NWest.  Guests are enjoying the relaxing quiet life of the resort, passing time surfing, reading, massages, general relax and then surf again, cold beers in the fridge of the Deluxe bungalows and some arvo snacks                

Tuesday 16th May          

Back into the inside kiddies corner waves. Offshore winds and the Point has been vacated. Even the kids are despondent (everyone had too much excitement in the last weeks) but the waves even though small are still there to enjoy and very uncrowded.  What else would you do on a surf holiday surf, eat, sleep, repeat…oh and massage also!

The afternoon shows a slight increase in swell with more constant waves breaking off the point as well as smaller waves on the inside to kiddies corner, wind shift to SE indicating a weather pattern change. 

The rotation of people coming and going is constant. Such is the diversity of surfing locations throughout Indonesia. We are back into a quiet week now with very few people around.

Wednesday 17th May

Calm crisp morning with the offshore through the bay. Waves are small on the outside point so it’s another period of connecting the sections down into kiddies corner.

Wind onshore until midday with slight south east sea breeze but back to offshore for the afternoon

Big BBQ with our Surf guest and new arrivals from Switzerland with mixed BBQ fish and salads    

Thursday 18th May         

Offshore small and raining, weather cools down with the tropical rain and the waves have dampened off as well but that also brings a reprieve from the sun. The last month it has been very dry conditions with the water supply from the wells dropping to a low situation for many of the traditional.  Stormy cloudy weather for most of the day with small waves breaking down the point. Wind offshore. Afternoon waves on all sections from outside to Kiddies corner and the rice bowl section with the wind offshore and sunny conditions

Indonesian night at KabuNohi, wear your sarongs folks tonight. Our girls are mixing up the food with Chicken Satays and mixed fresh veggies in a spicy peanut sauce salad.   

Friday 19th May              

Sunny crisp offshore morning alas waves are in the low range waves with only a few out.  Long wait between sets on the point. Kiddies is doing its thing with small peelers along the reef. A day of rest and this is noted with only a dripple of kiddies and surfers trying their luck.

Afternoon a few slow waves on the outside but today waves have been ordinary

Moon third Quarter

Bit of Jalan jalan (walk) with guests Anthony and Emma, surf is small so we head into the local town for some shopping and look around,             

Saturday 20th  May

Offshore but small waves no change from yesterday. Drizzle rain during the mid-morning and not much change during the day.  Waves increase slightly in to the afternoon with pleasant conditions on the outside point.

NWest to west Wind increase late afternoon

Start of an unstable weather pattern with strong winds at night and building clouds in the hills    

Sunday 21st May

Blustery night with strong storm west N west bringing rain and wind gales belting through the bay. I would not like to be exposed at sea at present.

Surf has picked up a little to 4 feet but the storms overnight have messed the swells around. Offshore blowing during the day starts to straighten the waves also with a wave size increase. Afternoon has the constant offshore wind cleaning the waves up with 5 foot sets on the outside break.  Overcast skies and wind gusts show no sign for a break in the present unstable weather

Monday 22nd May          Rain and wind squalls overnight

Swell to 5 foot, sets breaking a bit wide but it’s already got the look of some nice waves this week. Bring on the sunshine.                                           

Until next week.  Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Nias

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