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KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 10-17 April 2017

This week was a pretty average surf scene with nothing out of the ordinary happening other than what we see as normal, with grom air shows massive slash cutties and all size and shape of surf and surfers from the mini Groms to the grey Groms paddling around on the mals.  Rahel Wau the local ripper using some new fins put on a great show of lip whacking and flying high, (sorry no pics too busy surfing) but I will try again next week as he is very impressive.  Others, including the older Nias crew were very active this week surfing the smaller waves and understandably as this year I think there will be some new young guns looking for some big wedge double up pits so we ae looking forward to a good season of action again.  Tourist wise, very few people around at present with numbers in the water averaging 8 to 10 people.  We are blessed with a perfect wave wind setup so enough waves all day to keep everyone happy.

Monday 10th April:  Morning rain and SSW storms clear and show a small swell increase with the higher tide push as the full moon makes, slightly larger waves breaking outside and the swells are starting to miss the Kiddies Corner to break wider.

Surfers on the point are coming out of the woodwork in anticipation of a new swell with a few lucky ones scoring the occasional late afternoon peelers. Beautiful late afternoon conditions on a rising tide with 8 surfers enjoying the vibe but more siting around than wave riding.  Cold beers on the Deck with Chris a solo sailing Yachtsman who has pulled in the bay. KabuNohi assists in spare parts, a few cold ales and tales (* Lagundri bay Nias once was a point of destination in the Sumatran trade route, little known outside of world traveling sailors is that to the south of Nias is a sailing route that is called the Indian Ocean Great Circle, where sailing vessels can efficiently sail on the back of the deep Indian Ocean Winds that give a clear and predictable passage to west coast Africa) 

Outside Keyhole to 4 foot sets still slow moving, tides are increasing coming up to the moon on the 14th.

Tuesday 11th April: A crisp still morning after overnight rain, waves with morning sickness with the overnight localised storms and winds bumping the 4 foot waves breaking on the outside point. The mid-morning offshore starts to clean it up and the overcast cool skies make for a few a small one and pleasant morning.  The day stays the same with small inconsistent waves on the outside and the peelers on the inside Kiddies Corner reef.                                  

Wednesday 12th April: Stronger west N west winds and again storms overnight.  These offshore storms wobbling up the little inconsistent morning swell that is around. A few people surfing smaller outside waves, with most waiting for a predicted swell increase. Surfers on the point are European, Japanese and couple of Aussies.  Overcast all day with slight change in Swell size or direction but the afternoon tide ignites the end section of Kiddies through to inside Rice Bowl with the usual local contingent of kids playing around.                                        

Thursday 13th April: Overnight rain, increase in swell to a moderate swell with some 5 foot but inconsistent set waves. A high full moon tide in the morning pushing sand and coral and associated debris around the point.  A few waves trying to stand up and break on the outside wedge take off but sloppy swell direction has most breaking wide, to the outside end section and end bowl. A few crew in the water turning up in anticipation for a swell increase and the grey overcast skies make for lack of contrast for surfers spotting waves and for flat photography conditions.  Most people (surfers/photographers) waiting for a dropping tide session around late mid-morning as low tide means more consistent hollower waves.  Mid-afternoon slight SSW onshore wind put a bump through the waves. Arvo session glass off but swell backs off with waves inconsistent at 4 feet.

Friday 14th April: Good Friday (no traffic jam here unlike some places).  Early morning surf check, alas surf also has not picked up and has remained at a small to occasional moderate 5-foot set wave, beautiful oily still conditions makes the start of a slow surf Easter Friday.  The full moon high tides pushing sand around the point. Mid-morning sun is bright and the morning crew disperse for breakfast and the local kids off to church.  Nice 4 foot waves that remain around into the afternoon with the slight onshore creating bumps and lumps but still a pleasant is slow Easter day. Local tourists taking advantage of the holiday crowd Lagundri and Sorake beaches 

Saturday 15th April: Heavy rain overnight and into the morning, overcast skies again, rain has dampened swell size staying at a small fun 3-foot average, running down Kiddies Corner with occasional bigger sets to 4-5 foot breaking on the outside peak.

For surfers in Nias, cool weather waves and the point being surf able on all tides.   The cool winter like conditions make the only excuse not to get wet, too cold for the locals and for a brief time perfect Kiddies Corner waves go unridden. Afternoon, minor change with grey skies and surfers enjoying the waves and Easter holiday spectators enjoying the action and environment of Sorake

Easter Sunday 16th April: A continuation of Saturday with still morning conditions with rising tide. Grey skies and cool offshore just starting to blow out the bay.  Early morning surfers grabbing a few small 3-foot point waves on infrequent sets.  Waves all day with slight mid-day onshore, afternoon glass off for the arvo session with storm clouds, intermittent showers and overcast skies.  The swell remains at 3 to 4 foot sets with some nice ones forming on the outside and Kiddies Corner doing its machine movement of mechanically breaking waves down the inside reef. Happy Easter Sunday with locals lining the point and the beach in Lagundri

Monday 17th April: Bright sunny morning brings a definite change to the start of the day an East “Church Wind” blowing up and into the wave faces putting a face chop on the 3 foot waves breaking on the outside point.  Inside kiddies is peeling in form but the morning wind change making choppy conditions inside. No change during the day with a steady onshore wind stream from the SSE, scattered rain storms and humid conditions make for a slow Easter Monday                              

That’s it for this week from Nias folks and look forward to reporting more next week.  

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