July 2017 Highlights reel Pic Surf Nias and Freddy (19)

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – July Highlight Reel

Greetings readers, unfortunately I’ve had some technical issues with my camera equipment the last 2 weeks and awaiting repair from Jakarta.  This is the reason for no weekly surf reports the last 2 weeks.

I tracked down local photographer, Freddy and he had a bunch of great images of KabuNohi Sorake clients so I’ve compiled a ‘July highlights’ slideshow to summarise the month that was.

The surf as usual was super consistent and we had a bit of everything but predominantly mid-sized user-friendly perfection with a couple of solid days and few small days for some longboarding fun.

We had a full house of guests for the first couple of weeks of July with mainly families enjoying father and kid trips.  The kids were absolutely ripping the near perfect mid-sized conditions and having a ball surfing with the local kids.  The Dad’s including, Chris Selby loved the KabuNohi vibe and had a very special trip with kids Jamaica & Kye.  Chris showed the Groms how it’s done and picked off some prime waves with regular visits to the green room and big power turns…

South African couple, Stu Kilmartin and partner enjoyed an enjoyable stay in mid-July and Stu can be seen in the photos ripping on a short and longboard in varying conditions and having a great time surfing with his girl.

Stu wrote the following:

“Great place to stay. Rooms are perfect. The resort is got everything you need. Mark’s food was the best Indo cuisine I’ve eaten. Mark helped us with everything. As far as I’m concerned if you want comfort and with good food and architecture, KabuNohi is the place. I’ll only stay there when I return to Nias.”

Currently the Nias Open for local and touring surfers is on from 25-28 July and a solid swell is hitting. 

New Guests arriving later in the week and next week are going to score solid Nias!

Hopefully my camera will be back shortly and the weekly reports will restart again next week.

Until next week, Mark Flint signing off from the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Nias

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