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KabuNohi Sorake Resort – April Surf Report

According to KabuNohi owner Mark Flint Nias experienced a mixture of conditions ranging from 3-10 to about 8/10 which for Lagundri Bay standard is about as good as it gets during April! 

Some standout sessions early on in the month had guests paddling into a 3 day swell in the 6ft range but with a bit of lethargic tradewind still trying to figure itself out for the season, sessions were often halted by cross-onshores. This didnt mean guests werent enjoying themselves and any wave in Nias is probably better than your home break with crew on it. April in Nias has been great for crowds with hardly anyone out except a few locals. 

The standout session during April was the week 24th Apr – 1 May! It all started with a late arvo glass off out the front which led into 2 days of solid 4-6ft classic Nias. 4 wave sets in the 6ft range were fairly common on the high tide with swell dropping a foot or 2 as the tide went low. Great tubes were had by all on the end bowl and kiddies corner was rippable and fun as always. 

We are now moving into May and already a great swell has hit Nias. Nothing to large or gnarly, just super fun-sized runners with hardly anyone out. 

If you want to get over to Nias and experience the first ever upscale resort, Aussie owned and run then look no further than KabuNohi Resort. 

We can handle your package from start to finish, so if you want to jump on a trip to Nias this season, email or call us! 


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