Nias Surf Report March 2019 (4) (Small)

KabuNohi Resort Nias – March 2019

From the deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Lagundri Bay by Amba Holmes & Jai Levings.

Jai Levings and Amba Holmes arrived at KabuNohi in March and are assisting the KabuNohi team with some surf guiding and marketing.  Jai and Amba have been working on Super Yachts for the last few years and have relocated to Nias for a while.  Jai is the son of World Surfaris, founder, Shaun Levings and a keen surf traveller since he was a wee grommet and Amba is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, only 1 hr from J’Bay and is a keen surfer and adventurer. 


It’s been a month of glassy fun waves and beaming sunshine in our tropical paradise.

Day in day out we’ve been seeing an array of playful, fun 2-4ft glassy walls and light offshore breezes with the occasional onshore blowing in the early afternoon. It’s been a surfers dream with two sets of avid ocean loving couples scoring waves daily whilst enjoying and making the most of their stay at KabuNohi in their private Indonesian style bungalows.

The level of surfing from the local groms has been pushing the bar a notch higher out at Lagundri Bay. It’s always so refreshing to see the local kids shredding on the inside section at kiddies corner with innocent smiles, a few airs and crazy big turns being landed in-between the daily routine of after school surfs and hang outs in the playground that has been gifted to the stoked locals from King Neptune.

The vibe out in the water in the late afternoons is nothing but fun and seems to be the prime time for the Lagundri Bay locals to show off their surfing skills. With respecting basic surfing etiquette, the locals and their waves, it isn’t difficult to score some bombs in the late afternoons either. Early morning surfs prove to be a perfect time of day for fun waves with mostly frothing, happy westerners and tourists visiting the famous wave in Nias. It’s a picture-perfect setting with the sun slowly peeping up through the abundant coconut plantation in the distance.

Delicious freshly prepared Indonesian style meals every night, made with love by our local girls who add their flair of happy smiles and melodic singalongs whilst creating in the kitchen. Ice cold Bintangs accompanying your nutritious feed, we ensure satisfaction and ability to cater to most palates.

With the surf season about to kick off and bigger swells on the horizon, there are many exciting times ahead and memories to be made for the upcoming guests making their way to enjoy our beautifully situated resort.


Amba & Jai signing off from the Deck of KabuNohi Sorake Resort, Nias; Until next month!

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