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June Surf Report – Lohis

June has been a very exciting month with plenty of swell and waves everywhere in the North Male Atoll! The trade winds were Westerly, which is quit normal for the monsoon period in the Maldives. However we did get more North Westerly winds which is offshore for Lohis. Winds were strong at times but sometimes it did calm down a lot in the evenings. As the Aussies say it, we had proper ‘laggo’ sessions mate!

June has definitely been the most consistent month of surf this season so far. Even though swell did drop to about waist high some days, most days we had surf that was at least head high. The resort had some good surfers and we got to witness some really good barrel riding from the Lohis deck.

We have boat trips organised twice daily to 6 different surf breaks nearby. Because there was so much swell the crowds were at a minimum. Most regular footers were stoked to score amazing Sultans, which is my personal favourite when big.  Our surfers also got to experience some big barrels at Cokes as well.

Our big group of repeaters from South Africa scored tons of waves and some claimed that it was their best surf trip out of their 8 years in Maldives. Even after a day of 3-4 sessions, the Lohis bar in the evening was never quiet, with many shots of JD and laughs all night long.

We’re looking forward to the back half of the season and what the peak surf months of July and August will bring to Lohis!

-Ryan Thoyyib

Surf Program Manager

All photos @ryanthoyyib and  @___b.u.d.d.y.y___

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