June Surf Report – Lohis

Lohis Surf Report – June 2022

The surf season of 2022 has been really good so far. Although we had a few stormy days with a lot of wind in May, June showed the true potential of Lohis. We had favourable winds for Lohis most of the days with plenty of glassy waves. The end of the month was the most consistent I have seen Lohis this season. There weren’t waves smaller than 3ft everyday for about two weeks straight. We also saw some good size with double over head sets throughout the month.

Lohis loves a good South East swell. The most ideal is a swell coming from in between 150° and 170°. This causes the wave to start peeling slowly from the outside all the way to the inside and is more easier to make the section. You tend to see more of the wider section, which is faster and has more wall when it’s a South swell. This is seen when the swell direction is in between 170° and 190°. June had both kinds of swells but definitely has kept the clients super stoked.

This is the start of the peak surf season here in the Maldives. Looking forward to the huge swells of July, August and September.

Some advice for clients coming within the next three months. Do bring a step up surfboard with you. Suns out. Guns out!

– Ryan Thoyyib – Lohis Surf Manager 

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