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July Surf Report – Lohis

The year only gets better and better. July is always one of my favourite months as there is plenty of non-stop swell . In July, we only had about 6 to 7 days of surf that was waist high. The machine was on for the last three weeks. We saw some freak sets which were 8ft (Maldivian/Hawaiian size ;P). The surf guides were on point busy saving surfboards with snapped leashes on the reef, and sending out jet skis to rescue people who couldn’t paddle into the shore because of the big waves and strong outgoing current. But there was no harm done and everyone was safe.

The big consistent swell disperses the crowds and some days we were lucky enough to get some perfect right hand barrels at Sultans, Jails and Cokes. At the end of each day, surfers could not stop smiling and beers flowed on the Lohis bar deck with beautiful sunsets everyday.

What a life!

– Ryan Thoyyib

Surf Program Manager

All photos by: @ryanthoyyib and  @___b.u.d.d.y.y___


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