JP’s surf report – Telos Surfing Village

Well… I’m back… a little deflated to be honest!  Surfing and spearfishing all day, every day will do that to you though!

As I sit back at my desk as the World Surfaris accountant, the computer monitor to my right is playing a selection of the best GoPro footage from my trip.  At times like these, it’s hard to decide if I’m happy or angry.  Happy I got to experience this trip of a lifetime, or angry that I’m back to the reality of peak hour commutes to and from work, long lines as I wait for my morning coffee fix from the local espresso bar around the corner from our Mooloolaba office, or simply not being at Telo Surfing Village with Mario and his amazing staff who made my wife and I feel like we were part of the family. 

Luckily for us we arrived straight into one of the best swells of the year.  A 4-6ft SW swell and very light offshore winds for the first 6 days were on the forecast, and my trusty forecast that I had printed out, didn’t let me down!

We surfed a nice fun left called Rahasia most mornings on the low tide before shifting our attention to the long right hand walls of Pasti directly out the front of Telos Surfing Village. 

The set up here is absolutely amazing.  What Mario and his partners have built is truly mind boggling.  A surfing village in the heart of the Telo Island jungle surrounded by crystal clear water swimming with marine life and a plethora of world class surfbreaks that suit most levels of surfer from Intermediate to professional.  My wife even got a few fun beginner waves at Tantras! 

The best thing about TSV is its location.  Being further south in the Telos has its benefits… It receives most the swell and is sometimes a little too far for the other resorts to travel.  When these resorts do venture this far South, Mario already knows about it and can tell his surf guides to surf a wave completely uncrowded and away from other surfers from other resorts. 

I guess the thing that pleased me the most about the set up was the awareness and keeping the environment a top priority.  With waste management being an ongoing problem throughout Indonesia, Mario and his colleagues do everything they can to keep this part of the world clean!  There is very minimal waste at TSV, a lot of the materials/resources that are used, are reneweable or able to be broken down for recycling purposes.  There isn’t a piece of rubbish anywhere and the gardens are well manicured daily.  Mosquitos are sprayed, so the chances of getting swarmed by nasties is practically impossible!

Finally, Telos Surfing Village, known for its huge variety of surf breaks is also a great spearfishing spot!  Those who know me well, know that I am crazy about spearfishing… it’s all I talk about… apart from numbers.  Anyway, the variety and size of fish is incredible.  I won’t go into too much detail, I will let the images and video do the talking.

GO TO TELOS SURFING VILLAGE!  You will not regret it!

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