Its always a dream to be in the Banyaks

Another epic trip in the Banyaks on board the Banyaks Dream! 

The weather has been awesome, a little bit of rain here and there but sometimes you welcome the cooler temperatures the rain brings in these parts. 

The swell has been great also. We had a 6ft swell mid month with a 15 second period which meant most options in the Banyak Islands were turning on! 

Winds have also been nice. We had Westerly and Easterly winds, so it was moving around a fair bit but this opened up all options and guests got the chance to surf more breaks than normal! 

The stand out sessions came at Treasure Island with postcard material 5 foot barreling right handers. Clean and glassy with the conditions we had and the guests got some classic barrels. 

With only 3 boats in the water, we managed it well, very rarely coming across other surfers. we moved to a secret spot to surf an epic right hander and we had this particular wave alone for 2 days before the swell dropped off and we moved back to the wave magnet that is turtles. 


Banyaks Dream still has peak season charters available and they are one of the best and most experienced crews in this region. Most of the other boats spend time elsewhere in Sumatra but due to the amount of hours spent from the start to the end of the season in the Banyaks, The Dream has the finger on the pulse with all kinds of conditions whether the waves are big or small. 


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