It’s Tupira time…

Hi All,

February is continuing to deliver the goods to our northern neighbour’s in PNG. Expert host Nicki Wyynychuck from Tupira Surf Club has sent out the latest swell report and it looks as though there is no end of the swell in sight.

If you need to escape your break in a hurry and get away from local frustrations then this is the trip for you. At around $2,000 per person, Tupira is fantastic value.

Late season discounts apply too, so make sure you get in touch.


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In Nicki’s own words…


Another week and again more waves

The solid swell did arrive but the wind was a little bit of an issue on the bigger days

Lucky for us the long left around the corner is sheltered and there were some chest to head height waves peeling into the bay, some were very long (300 to 400m)



Enjoy the pictures.

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