Island Beauty at Ant Atoll – Pohnpei

Conditions holding in the waist to shoulder high range for the past two days with pulses as the tide rose and dropped. So much fun! Great vibe in the water with hoots and jokes been told each session. That’s what surfing is all about.

Yesterday saw the wind go on shore. Allois made the call, off to Ant Atoll for a day trip we go.

Ant Atoll is about an hour off shore from Pohnnpei. One of those spots in the world you can never get sick of…I have to say it is one of the prettiest places on earth. Its a must see and do during your time here in Pohnpei.

Feeding sharks inside the lagoon, walk along the stunning white sand beach, epic snorkeling over the coral reef full of a diverse marine life…simple island beauty. Life does not get any better at the moment in P-Pass and we hope to see more guests soon! 



You can buy any of the shots seen below via Swillys website – https://swilly.com.au/ 

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