Interview with Eliza Ballard – Yoga @ Lohis

Hi Eliza, tell us a bit about yourself.
Where are you from?
What are some of your other hobbies?
Do you also surf?

“I grew up in South Australia and have spent the last five years bouncing around the globe with my love of travel, surf and snow. When I’m not on a yoga mat, I love honing the perfect duck-dive, dry needling physiotherapy clients, eating seafood, and am currently learning to kite-board”. 

How long have you been practicing yoga and what made you start?

“I’ve been practicing various kinds of yoga for about 15 years and though hockey injuries were my entry in to the physical practice of yoga, it is the magic of mindful movement and post-yoga buzz that keeps me coming back to the mat”. 

Many people who aren’t familiar with yoga don’t know that there are in fact many types of yoga… what do you teach and can you explain this style?

My teaching combines my experience as a Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Educator into a style that could be best described as ‘soul flow’. 

Classes are a slightly slower pace than a power yoga class, allowing time to dive into the alignment of poses and generate strength and flexibility in moments of stillness. 

My Vinyasa training background inspires creative sequencing and for those that enjoy feel-good adjustments – there are plenty! 

As the new yoga instructor at Hudhuranfushi Resort in the Maldives what kind of services do you hope to make available?

“As well as group yoga classes; guests will have the opportunity to take private or duet yoga, mat pilates or TRX fitness sessions to work toward specific goals such as surf fitness, yoga inversions and arm balances, a focus on fundamentals, and therapeutic yoga or rehabilitation for injury recovery. Guided meditation and surf physiotherapy will also be available”. 

How do you think surfers can benefit from your classes?

“Yoga, like surfing, teaches us to smoothly adapt to the constancy of change, and to fully appreciate the moment. Complementing a surfing holiday with a daily yoga practice enables surfers to spend longer in the water, and get more out of each wave. My classes will blend dynamic movement with breath awareness, and afternoon sessions will include time for guided shoulder mobility with massage balls”. 

How many classes will be available each day?

“Two daily yoga sessions, weekly pilates, and daily physiotherapy availability. Guests are welcome to attend both the morning and afternoon yoga classes which will be scheduled before the morning surf boat trip and after the afternoon surf boat returns”. 

You are also a qualified physiotherapist. Will guests be able to come to you when they need re-aligning?

“Absolutely. Guests will have access to physiotherapy consultations, and acute injuries sustained on holiday may be eligible for travel insurance rebates.

I’m experienced with surfing injuries and know first-hand how important it is to get back in the ocean, and fast! 

There is more information about my treatment approach, experience and testimonials on my website (below)”.

What excites you the most about working in the Maldives at the best surf resort in the country?

“Becoming a part of the fantastic community of like-minded and passionate watermen and waterwomen both living on the island and visiting each season. And I’m as goofy-footed as they come, so bring on that perfect left”!  www.elizaballardyoga.com

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