Hudhuranfushi Surf Season – 2016 Wrapped Up

Our 2016 Hudhuranfushi Surf season started mid to late March and kicked off with consistent 2-4ft swell at Lohis (even when the waves further south were virtually flat).  The weather was incredible with clear skies and light off-shore winds or glassy conditions.

April brought us more of the same amazing conditions and a bigger swell towards the end of the month, but also a very small week (that was great for long boarding and less experienced surfers)!

May was super consistent. Plenty of mid sized swell every week with some great fun days at Lohis, and epic sessions down at Jails. Weather was still great, though we did have a few ‘four seasons in one day’ days!

June, this is the month when you realize you are mid season at one of the world’s most consistent waves, with no let up in sight. Waves every day.

July saw epic swell most of the month along with the worst week of the season (now known as the freak week) thrown in for good measure! A great month if you really want to see the Maldives as good as it gets!

August was more of the same with waves every day and some truly worldclass moments.

September had more non-stop swell and great weather. Swells felt slightly softer than the more powerful mid-season swells but many pristine days and such a good vibe on the point.

October started well then went small and windy before recovering to see out the season with glassy 3-4ft perfection, which is probably how it will start once again come March/April 2017.

See you next season!
Richard Kotch – Surf Guide
Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort

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