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Hudhuranfushi Resort Surf Report – June 2017

Surf Report by Richard Kotch

June has been consistently good, without being breathtakingly amazing.

It has been a month of 3-4ft every day, literally every day until the last couple days when it pulsed 4-6ft for a couple days of really good waves.

While we are still waiting for the swell that opens up ‘the swell of the season’ conversation, the last two days of June certainly raised the bar for the season so far.

The following selection of shots include an entry for every day of June – showing that Lohis and the waves nearby were surfable every day for a month (and there’s no sign of it slowing up anytime soon!) Our guests have been surfing themselves to exhaustion every day and the vibe during the sunset session, both on the deck and in the water, has been the most friendly I have ever experienced in 30 years of surf travel.

I think that this is why we have seen such a large number of top level pro surfers mingling with the regular guests on the Lohis deck over the past few years, Adriano De Souza (mid June) and Filipe Toledo (June/July) are the latest big names to turn up and show us how to surf the wave we know and love. To say it has been inspirational would be an understatement, and both have acted as great ambassadors for their country and professional surfing.

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